08:30 am Registration and Welcome Coffee | 09:00 am Course starts | 10:30 am Morning Tea | 12:30 pm Networking Lunch 
03:00 pm Afternoon Break  | 05:00 pm End of course 

Sharing the Vision
  • Identifying and communicating where to lead the organisation
  • Determining what to achieve with Clinical Governance
Aged Care Safety and Quality Standards
  • Linking Clinical Governance to the Aged Care Safety and Quality Standards
  • Deep-dive on requirements of Standard 1: Consumer Dignity and Choice and Standard 8: Organisational Governance
Navigating the Current Aged Care Environment
  • The impacts of the Royal Commissions and what it means for the industry
  • Managing community, consumer and workforce expectations and challenges
  • Understanding Risk; what has gone wrong? What is going wrong? Or what can go wrong?
Outcomes – Getting it right
  • Identifying what to measure
  • Understanding what outcomes the governing body, staff, consumers and the community want
Leadership – Governing Body
  • Growing and leading an organisation focused on learning and improving
  • Driving accountability; what does it mean? How is it demonstrated
  • Inspiring a culture of safety and quality improvement
Consumer Experience
  • The role the governing body has on leading improvement for consumer experience
  • What does a service that supports consumers to live the best that they can look like?
Monitoring Clinical Governance Systems
  • Implementing effective management of high-prevalence risks
  • The positive role of feedback and complaints
  • Implementing antimicrobial stewardship
  • Minimising the use of restraints
  • Utilising open disclosure to support improvements
Strategic Leadership
  • Setting strategic priorities to support Clinical Governance 
  • Identify the actions required to deliver on the strategic priorities
  • Planning the timeline; when is action needed 
Terms of Reference
  • Identifying the objectives of Clinical Governance Committees to set the framework
  • Distinguishing the role and responsibilities to support the Clinical Governance Committee’s objectives
Leading Prevention of Incidents and Complaints
  • Developing systems for investigations and prevention
  • Recognising and prioritising trends to implement proactive prevention strategies
  • Effectively managing the complaints process
Useful Information
  • Understanding what data to collect that provides useful information
  • Identifying what information to report on
Improving Clinical Governance
  • Understanding the role systems play in improving Clinical Governance in identifying where they can be implemented
  • Designing and implementing systems which will enable staff to succeed
  • How to demonstrate and document the management of risk 
Role Modelling
  • Demonstrating and aligning the Clinical Governance behaviours to lead meaningful change
  • Motivating the wider organisation to demonstrate the desired behaviours
Working with others
  • Navigating the challenges and opportunities of leading a diverse and multicultural workforce
  • Who is responsible for Clinical Governance? Sharing the responsibility beyond leaders and management; driving responsibility across the organisation
  • Leading teams to practice Clinical Governance
  • Addressing conflicts proactively and supporting team members to do the same to create a positive team culture
  • The role guidance plays to support staff success and achieving outcomes
  • Strategies to help all achieve outcomes and encourage participations
Improving Staff Performance
  • Understanding the legislative requirements and implications
  • Providing the right framework to set staff members up to be successful
  • Strategies for improving an individual’s clinical practice
Healthy and Safe Workplaces
  • Identifying and developing the Staff experience to support engagement
  • Strategies for retaining the workforce and reducing staff turnover
  • Supporting staff to manage and reduce stress
Leading in a Crisis
  • Understand incident management best practice for effective incident management
  • Putting open disclosure into action
  • Developing your action plan for a structured approach to Clinical Governance Leadership
  • What are the priorities and where do we start: where can you make meaningful impacts to support the organisation